Equine Welfare

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our horses in Australia, we established our Equine Welfare Program in November 2019. Whether the horse has been retired or is still racing, we endeavour to track and follow the progress of all our former racehorses.


Our Equine Welfare Program involves:

1. An ongoing tracking register of the whereabouts of each horse following it leaving OTI’s management, whether by sale or retirement. This will be done on a rolling 6 month basis.

2. Upon being moved from OTI’s management, a written agreement by each recipient of a horse to co-operate in the accurate maintenance of the register.

3. An ongoing commitment by OTI to employ an equine veterinarian to investigate any concerns that OTI may have regarding the care of each horse leaving OTI’s management.

4. Where appropriate, the payment of up to $2,000 to assist with veterinary or relocation costs.

The costs associated with this policy will be borne by OTI, not individual partners who were involved in the ownership of the horse while under OTI’s management.

We have also established important partnerships with several welfare-related charities. These include Lisa Coffey’s Racing Hearts, along with Living Legends and the Thoroughbred Sport Horse Assosciation.

The horses involved:
Former racehorses currently part of our Equine Welfare Program are:

Horse NameCurrent Status
AchaeusContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Sale
AkatinoPony, Rockhampton
AlmsgiverShowhorse, Myrniong
Angelic SpiritBroodmare, Kilmore
AquiloShowhorse, New Zealand
ArmanskyClerk, Stawell
ArtarmonShowhorse, Gippsland
AshimContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Coffs Harbour
AttorneyPleasure horse, Newcastle
AtypicalPleasure Horse, East Gippsland
Au PairShowhorse, Adelaide Hills
AzuroShowhorse, Invermay
BaradeDressage Horse, Red Hill
Blue OceanTherapy Horse, Racing Hearts
Cake WalkerShowhorse, Barnawartha
CastertonNanny, Cootamundra
Celebrity's BeauContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Grafton
ChelkarShowhorse, Ballarat
ChiaroContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Port Lincoln
CondamineShowhorse, Paradise
CopplesonContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Tasmania
CorncrakeShowhorse, Mount Gambier
Daqiansweet JuniorPleasure Horse, Pakenham
Darci's DebutBroodmare, TAS
DarvinTherapy Horse, Camperdown
DorozaPony, Cressy
Drunken SailorPony, Orange
DyervilleContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Dubbo
EidolonShowhorse, Kyneton
ElderberryContinues as racehorse under new ownership
Extra ElusivePleasure horse, Bendigo
FairlightShowhorse, Clover Lodge
Fastnet TempestShowhorse, Freshwater Creek
Future ScoreShowhorse, Ballarat
Gailo ChopLiving Legends Resident, Victoria
Gallic ChieftainShowhorse, Ballarat
GambuContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Sunshine Coast
Got SocksContinues as racehorse under new ownership
Grey LionPleasure horse, Ballarat
HakyShowhorse, Gold Coast
Happy PharrellShowhorse, NSW
Harbour ViewsShowhorse, Yannathan
High BridgePony, Garvoc
Hold For ApplauseCompanion horse, Chocolyn
HutchinsonShowhorse, Shory Park
I Am ReadyBroodmare, NSW
Instant de RevePony, Goulburn
InstigatorContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Warrnambool
InverellShowhorse, Shory Park
InverlochShowhorse, Queensland
KharchinContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Casterton
King of CamelotShowhorse, Kilmore
KnightlailaNanny, Twin Hills Stud
La ReconquistaBroodmare, Meredith Park
Land of HeroesNanny, Cootamundra
Le JugePony, Goulburn
Lord FandangoPony, Goulburn
LuniyarPleasure horse, Victoria
MantasticPony, Healesville
Master ZephyrTherapy Horse, Camperdown
MelaninContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Innisfail
Mighty QuinnPony, Gold Coast
MilestonePony, New Zealand
MiloniaContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Balina
MirannShowhorse, Laidley
Miss CarboniBroodmare, SA
Mista RazzledazzleContinues as racehorse under new ownership, SA
Mr SatchmoShowhorse, Canberra
My SwashbucklerTrail Riding Horse, Sofala
NaraajoContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Seymour
Night's WatchPony, Stawell
NotesContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Horsham
ObsessingShowhorse, Invermay
OssifiedContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Geelong
Our InsiderPony, Geraldton
PenseurShowhorse, Warrandyte
PenshurstPony, Mapleton
Plymouth RoadContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Sale
ProspettivaContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Sunshine Coast
Red MuscatPleasure horse, Ballarat
RenewShowhorse, Racing Hearts
Rider in the SnowContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Pakenham
RomancerPony, New Zealand
RomanesquePony, Bunkers Hill
Scarlet TuftyShowhorse, Willow Vale
Sea CrossingPony, Bendigo
SeawhatyouthinkPony, Willowmavin
Self WorthRetired, Pleasure Horse
SleeplessShowhorse, Great Western
SobeyaContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Kyneton
SollevareContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Mornington
Sound of CannonsPleasure horse, Victoria
Southern RockPleasure horse, Gold Coast
TekapoContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Stawell
Tigre RoyaleContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Adelaide Hills
TiifuBroodmare, Ellora Stud
Tom MelbourneLiving Legends resident, Victoria
Trench WarfareShowhorse, SA
Urban LumberjackShowhorse, Lara
VardaniClerk Of The Course horse
VelaShowhorse, Evergreen Lodge
Warm RideContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Queanbeyan
Wicklow LassContinues as racehorse under new ownership
Win O'ClockContinues as racehorse under new ownership
Young RascalContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Newcastle

Early success stories:
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