Equine Welfare

As part of our commitment to each horse in Australia, once in OTI’s control, it will now be tracked to ensure its life-long welfare.

This will involve:
1. An ongoing tracking register of the whereabouts of each horse following it leaving OTI’s management, whether by sale or retirement. This will be done on a rolling 6 month basis.
2. Upon being moved from OTI’s management, a written agreement by each recipient of a horse to co-operate in the accurate maintenance of the register.
3. An ongoing commitment by OTI to employ an equine veterinarian to investigate any concerns that OTI may have regarding the care of each horse leaving OTI’s management.
4. Where appropriate, the payment of $2,000 to ensure the relocation of a horse no longer needed by its owners or in a condition that requires euthanizing under the supervision of equine veterinarians.

The costs associated with this policy will be borne by OTI, not individual partners who were involved in the ownership of the horse while under OTI’s management.


The Process:


The horses involved:
Former racehorses currently part of our Equine Welfare Program are:

Horse NameCurrent Status
CondaminePony, Paradise
TristanoShowhorse, Geelong
LoreshoPony, Warrnambool
InstigatorContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Warrnambool
HutchinsonContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Bendigo
Mighty QuinnContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Toowoomba
AchaeusContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Gippsland
FioreticalContinues as racehorse under new ownership, Queensland
RomanesquePony, Bunkers Hill