OTI Management Pty Ltd was formed in 1999, when Terry Henderson and Simon O’Donnell combined their respective racing interests. Both men had enjoyed a long and successful involvement in racing, with Terry coming from a successful business background and Simon from an elite sporting and media career.

The aim of OTI then, and is still, to enable people to race high quality bloodstock in partnership. Partners have always enjoyed discrete ownership and control of their interests. Although we hold a registered syndicator’s licence, this quality remains a unique feature of OTI Management’s relationship with its racing partners.

Given OTI’s sustained success, which includes over 50 Stakes winners (including 10 Group 1’s), the focus of the business remains on ready to run/proven horses. In 2003, this feature encouraged it to be the first to look to Europe for quality racing stock. This proved most successful with many following its footsteps.

OTI is very proud of what it has been able to achieve for its partners both on the racetrack and in the wider experiences racing offers, be it in Australia or Europe.

OTI understands that satisfaction starts with timely and accurate communication. It continues to invest in state of the art systems to ensure visual, vocal and written information is consistently provided to all its partners.

The cornerstone of OTI’s culture is to actively promote the need for the highest standards of integrity in racing.  This not only protects its partners’ interests, but is essential to ensure that racing prospers. OTI will continue to strongly oppose those who seek to take advantage by flaunting the rules that govern the sport.