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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Racehorse Ownership

  • What are the benefits of racing with OTI? +

    OTI focuses on providing a premium ownership experience. To find out more about the unique services offered by OTI, please visit our About Us section.

  • What raceday perks do I receive as an owner? +

    On the day your horse is running, owners will receive complimentary entry into the racecourse, along with entry to the members’ reserve at the majority of race clubs. A member of the OTI team will be on track to assist you whenever necessary.

  • Where will my horse race? +

    OTI races horses both across Australia and around the globe. We have representatives in Victoria and New South Wales, as well as agents in the many other countries where we race.

  • Can I form a syndicate and race with family/friends? +

    Most definitely. This has proven a popular way to race horses for our clients. There is no better thrill than winning a race with family and friends! Forming a syndicate with others is also a way to reduce the cost of ownership, by splitting the share between a group. Syndicate members will still receive all the same raceday rights as an individual owner.

  • Can I visit my horse? +

    OTI is always happy to arrange stable visits for our clients. We also organise open mornings at a variety of stables where all owners are welcome.

Monthly Expenses/Stakes

  • How much are ongoing costs in a racehorse? +

    Ongoing costs will vary based on whether your horse is spelling, racing or in pre-training. These costs cover training fees, vet fees, transport costs, nomination/acceptance fees along with other on-going costs that may arise.

    We recommend that our owners budget around $250 a month per 5% share. Ideally, prizemoney earned by your horse will assist in covering your monthly costs.

  • What other fees will I incur as an owner? +

    OTI charges a monthly management fee of $50 + GST per horse, per owner. This fee covers our communication service, client assistance and the collation and management of accounts, ensuring expenses from all suppliers are provided in the one statement for ease. This fee can be reduced when multiple horses are owned.


    OTI does not charge any commissions on the sale of horses, nor do we deduct any percentage of prizemoney.

  • How do I receive my prizemoney? +

    As an owner with OTI, you will have the choice over whether you receive your prizemoney directly into your bank account from the relevant racing authority, or alternatively into your OTI account, where it will appear on your monthly statement. We will reconcile and ensure all funds are received in a timely manner from the racing bodies.

  • How will I receive my monthly statement? +

    OTI provides each owner with a monthly statement via email, collating costs from suppliers into one document. By only receiving one bill per month, this makes your life as an owner much easier!


  • How do I stay updated on my horse’s progress? +

    OTI offers an owner’s portal to all clients through our website, where you can view a full history of your horse’s updates. We aim to provide weekly updates on your horse when it is in full training.

    Each horse is also assigned a ‘WhatsApp’ group, where owners receive important video and audio updates on raceday.

  • What is unique about OTI’s communication? +

    OTI continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure audio, visual and written communication keeps our owners updated in real-time. Through excellent communication processes, OTI seeks to develop strong relationships with clients, trainers and other stakeholders.

Buying a Share

  • What types of horses can I race with OTI? +

    OTI focuses on acquiring high-quality, ready-to-race thoroughbreds, through working with leading agents around the globe. We believe that the purchase of going horses reduces some of the risk associated with horse ownership. Though the majority of our offerings are going horses, we are also active in the yearling and ready-to-run 2yo markets.

  • How do I buy a share in a racehorse with with OTI? +

    Our current offerings can be viewed above! Should you wish to find out more about getting involved, please Contact Us. We will endeavour to fulfil your ownership preferences, whatever they may be.

  • Will my horse be insured? +

    When you purchase a share in a horse, insurance will be included up until July 31 of that racing year. After that date, OTI will provide you with the choice to re-insure or not. We hold a long-term relationship with our insurance company, ensuring an extremely competitive rate for our owners.

Life Post-Racing

  • What happens to my horse once it retires? +

    OTI’s Equine Welfare Program facilitates the rehoming of all of our retired racehorses. To find out more about the program, please visit our Equine Welfare page.