High Bridge has taken to his newfound role as a showjumper

During last week’s well documented Warrnambool Cup Carnival, we took the opportunity to visit High Bridge, a past Flemington winner and now a member of our Equine Welfare Program.

High Bridge, aka ‘Harry’, has become a much-loved addition to the Lenehan family after being rehomed to their Garvoc property following his retirement at the beginning of last year.

“We adore him; he is a kind boy and is very tolerant when it comes to learning new things. We couldn’t be more grateful that he ended up here.” said new owner Kristen Lenehan.

Renowned for his gentle yet professional temperament, the long-striding 10-year-old has taken to his newfound role as a showjumper incredibly well. Kristen’s daughter Charlotte has already formed a profound connection with ‘Harry’, where mutual trust has started the foundation of a lovely friendship.  

“It was heartwarming to see the bond between High Bridge, now known as Harry and Charlotte. He is clearly in a great home and enjoying his life beyond racing,” said Terry Henderson.

In their short time shared on the showjumping scene, Charlotte and Harry have worked hand in hand to learn their craft, with their efforts quickly leading to success in local pony club competitions.

We were lucky enough to capture a glimpse of the duo’s impressive morning routine during last week’s visit, which we hope you enjoy viewing in the clip below!