About Us

Welcome to OTI, your trusted source for premium racehorse shares for sale in Australia. Whether you're a seasoned racehorse owner or a first-time shareholder, we have decades of expertise to guide you through every step of your ownership journey.


OTI Management Pty Ltd is an Australian-based thoroughbred syndication company, formed in 1999 by successful businessman, Terry Henderson and professional cricketer and media personality, Simon O’Donnell.

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OTI establishes premium thoroughbred partnerships, through the sale of shares in high-quality racehorses. We aim to provide our clients with a range of services and ensure enjoyable ownership experiences. Our philosophy is based around a client upwards policy which seeks to ensure services are based on providing results and pleasure from our great sport of horse racing.

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The OTI Team

Meet the team that makes up one of the leading racehorse syndication companies in Australia.

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OTI Gazette

The OTI Gazette is the official newsletter of OTI Racing.

We’ll aim to keep you informed across all things racing at OTI, both on and off the track.

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Behind the Scenes

Where we provide you with insights into the world of horse racing.

There are many unique experiences that come from buying a share in a racehorse, and a key focus of OTI is to educate our clients about what happens in the ‘day to day’ running of racing stables. We hope you enjoy these videos and thank the trainers and stable staff who have assisted in their production.

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