OTI establishes premium thoroughbred partnerships, through the sale of shares in high-quality racehorses. We aim to provide our clients with a range of services and ensure enjoyable ownership experiences. Our philosophy is based around a client upwards policy which seeks to ensure services are based on providing results and pleasure from our great sport of horse racing.


OTI Racing

OTI Racing’s prime objective is to source, acquire and manage racehorses for our partners. We work with the best bloodstock agents around the world to secure high-quality thoroughbreds, both privately and from the sales. On behalf of our clients, we manage horses during their racing careers and ensure that the owner’s interests are at the forefront. We work with leading thoroughbred trainers to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. After our horses retire from racing, we monitor them to ensure their life-long wellbeing through our Equine Welfare Program. Owner enjoyment is paramount to us, and we seek to create a unique client experience which includes race day experiences and exclusive events, both on and off the track.


At the core of our business is consistent and accurate communication on our racehorses. From the moment a sale is made, we place high emphasis on ensuring each and every owner is provided comprehensive communication on their horse’s progress. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure audio, visual and written communication keeps our owners updated on their thoroughbreds in real-time. Through excellent communication processes, OTI seeks to develop strong relationships with clients, trainers and other stakeholders. This focus on establishing loyal relationships with stakeholders has been crucial to OTI’s success.

Global Experiences

OTI has the unique position of offering global horse racing experiences. Whilst we are a Melbourne-based company, we have representatives in Sydney and Chantilly, France who oversee our operations in these regions. OTI’s comprehensive experience and involvement in the global thoroughbred market has a significant benefit in attracting quality horses. The reputation of the business among international vendors reinforces the strength of our due diligence processes in the acquisition of our thoroughbreds. OTI is very proud of what it has been able to achieve for our partners both on the racetrack and through wider racing experiences in Australia and around the world.


The cornerstone of OTI’s culture is to promote the highest standards of integrity in horse racing. We take the utmost care to ensure that integrity is maintained through our thoroughbred acquisition and trading processes. Furthermore, we believe that the highest levels of integrity must be upheld by horse trainers, stablehands, jockeys, and vets in the conduct of their activities. This not only protects our partners’ interests, but is essential to ensure the prosperity of horse racing.