OTI’s business is to facilitate and partnership with Australian and international owners and businesses to race horses.  The services include OTI Racing and OTI Sports.

OTI Racing’s prime objective is to train horses for OTI Management partners.  OTI trains horses with partners for enjoyment and financial return. OTI buys horses, usually from Europe, offers them to owners then manages the horse’s racing career on behalf of its partners.

OTI Sport’s prime objective is to provide OTI Management partners with a comprehensive suite of services to both foster their racing experience through attendance at Australian and international race meetings, stable inspections, travel and attendance/participation in other sports.  These services cover both international partners visiting Australia to race and well as Australian-based partners travelling interstate and overseas.  OTI Sports employs Hermione FitzGerald, an industry expert, to market and promote the service of OTI and to assist OTI achieve its objectives.

In summary, OTI aim is to provide a full range of services that seek to give our racing partners an enjoyable and economically viable role as owners of quality thoroughbreds.  While our core objective is to balance the broader benefits of involvement in racing with the costs of acquisition and upkeep, we rely on a mix of resources, relationships, and processes to provide a premium racing experience.

Within Australia relationships are and have always been critical to OTI’s success. While that success comes from wins, the trainer must also provide comprehensive communication and a feeling of involvement in the horse’s career. To underpin such relationships, OTI insists on the highest levels of integrity from its trainer, as well as the training team, jockeys, and vets in the conduct of their activities.

OTI is in the unique position of being able to offer global racing involvement. With established resources in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, owners have the opportunity of enjoying racing’s cultural historic facilities on and off the track that are otherwise available to few.

OTI’s comprehensive experience and involvement in the global market has its major benefit in attracting quality horses. The reputation of the business among global vendors helps reinforce the strength of our due diligence processes in our purchasing decisions. Again, underpinning these processes are our long and trusting relationships with international sales companies, vets, agents and our trainer and his team.

While success in racing does not come easily, OTI’s racing partners have the assurance that all decisions are focused on minimising risks and exposure. Such an approach helps deliver a long term and satisfying involvement in this great sport.