OTI’s Equine Welfare Fund

OTI’s Equine Welfare Fund has proved extremely important in assisting our retired racehorses. The fund has assisted many of our former thoroughbreds in a range of areas including; veterinary, relocation, buy-back and sponsorship costs.


Retired OTI galloper Condamine (pictured below) was the subject of an unexpected colic attack in his paddock. Thanks to a quick response from his owner Michelle and a terrific effort from the Ballarat Veterinary Clinic, he was able to recover successfully. OTI’s welfare fund then assisted with covering the costs of the procedure. He has since made a successful return to the showing scene, winning himself a sash.

Fairlight has been through a few different homes since exiting OTI’s care. After being purchased as a riding horse by a young family in November, he unfortunately suffered a paddock injury within a week of his arrival at the agistment property. The new owners were in a tough position with the veterinary expenses that they would face. It was here that the welfare fund again proved of great importance, with OTI agreeing to take over the horse’s costs and cover both the immediate veterinary care and subsequent months of rehabilitation. Despite sustaining quite a nasty cut, he has recovered terrifically since November, and has since been relocated to new home, where he will soon commence further re-training.


The fund has also been used in the buyback of older ex-OTI gallopers, who retired before the introduction of our tracking register. 16yo Tamland (pictured below in retirement) and 14yo Lunayir were re-purchased in online auctions, in order to ensure that they would live out their days in a suitable home. Both were relocated to Lisa Coffey’s Racing Hearts organisation, where they have been re-trained and entered forever homes.


Relocation costs have also been backed by the welfare fund on several occasions. After being sold to new ownership, both Vela and Au Pair (pictured below) finished their respective career’s in Darwin. As members of our tracking register, we were notified that they needed to be relocated to commence their retirement. Through the support of our welfare fund, we were able to get them moved down to Evergreen Lodge in South Australia, where they would thrive in their lives post-racing at a riding school, alongside another OTI retiree in Trench Warfare.


The welfare fund has also been utilised in a range of sponsorship initiatives. We have been proud to sponsor the TSHA Showjumping Championships at Stonewall over the past two years, with the backing of our Equine Welfare Fund. The organisation do a terrific job in providing opportunity and demand for retired racehorses. It was great to see one of OTI’s own, Mr Satchmo, competing in the championships this year.

In addition, with Tom Melbourne (pictured below)& Gailo Chop both now residing at Living Legends, the welfare fund has also been used to support Living Legends. The stable favourites are both going super in their retirement.