Phillip Stokes Farm Visit

On July 24 the OTI team and owners headed out east to Phillip Stokes’ Garfield farm to view some of our horses and see their training environment. With hot coffee, breakfast appetizers and sunshine the day started off well.

Daqiansweet Junior, Meltdown and Lyrical Lad (one of Phillip’s horses) worked on the 1000m sand track at the back of the property, while the owners could watch and listen to Phillip’s commentary. After walking through a paddock of calm and very interested yearlings, the horses enjoyed a dip in the equine pool. An exercise that is gentle on the horses joints and a great rehabilitation exercise.

Owners were introduced to our newest horse with Phillip, Naraajo, a colt by Merchant Navy out of Araaja, who was paraded with commentary of both Terry and Phillip. The history with Araaja, who raced successfully for OTI owners, makes the colt very special to OTI. Read more about him here.

Everyone had a great time getting to know the horses, Phillip and each other.

Of course, we thank Phillip and the whole team, who put in so much effort to make this a successful day!