OTI Gazette | Issue 88

In this edition of the OTI Gazette, we have a chat to Vicky Leonard, the Managing Director of Kick Collective and a vital player in the ‘Kick Up’ campaign.

We also take a look at Equine Welfare and its message, assess this weekend’s runners, look at recent winners and introduce the athletic 2yo filly, Baroness Von Aesch. 

All that and much more!


“Firstly, we encourage everyone to steal our content. Go to our website, use what we’ve written, use our social media posts. When you see something that you know isn’t true, please start sticking up for the sport.
The second thing that you can do is join the community. That helps us make sure that positive content about horse racing gets to the right people. The third thing is we need resources.”


“In spite of racing’s vulnerability, great work is being done by many to retrain, rehome and care for horses. Indeed, a number of professionals in the industry, OTI included, run their own welfare programs to ensure a ‘whole of life’ management approach. However, from an industry perspective, while this work is highly valued, it is uncoordinated and poorly resourced.”