Progress Report on OTI’s Welfare Program

OTI launched the Commitment to Equine Welfare program last November. In the interests of sharing our experiences with other industry participants, we have documented our process in the following chart. Our program aims to ensure ‘rest of life’ care for our retired or sold racehorses.

Since the commencement of the initiative, we have been thrilled with the co-operation of the owners who have acquired our racehorses. All have shown their willingness to participate in our tracking system and utilise, if necessary, the financial support available for each horse.  This will no doubt lead to some real success stories in the months and years ahead.

Having fine-tuned our systems since the commencement of the program, the processes employed are outlined in the flow chart below:

We look forward to providing regular updates on how our welfare program is progressing.

Click here to view the list of horses currently cared for within our Commitment to Equine Welfare.