Finalist for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

OTI is delighted to announce that we were selected as a finalist for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards under the category International Trading.

Having a long relationship to Ireland through our trainers, business partners, friends and horses we are honoured to be part of this years Award ceremony.

The following video outlines our strong and successful relationship with our Irish partners.

Overall, OTI is very proud of their Irish relationship and the contribution that Irish racing and breeding has made to our owners. We look forward to expanding it in the years to come.

In addition the nomination as International Trader, we welcome your vote for the People’s Choice Award. Simply click here and follow the steps below.

  1. Create an account (as a guest) through the Log In button in the right top corner
  2. Once account is created click on Events in the menu bar
  3. Choose the Business Awards event (first one)
  4. Scroll down onto the photo with the OTI logo and other finalists and click on it
  5. Scroll down and enter OTI into the name bar
  6. VOTE by clicking the furthest star on the right

Thank you for your support!